Communication Services

We understand, communication is the key......

The principals of CMSI have more than 40 years combined experience in Association Management, Meeting Planning, Accounting and Sales. Our Oregon based offices are equipped with state of the art technology that allows us the flexibility to provide services to any organization, regardless of their zip code!


One of our clients, an International Association, has contracted with CMSI for the past sixteen years and uses our services as their Executive Director and Management Company. The Association, incorporated in the State of Maryland, has 240 member businesses including members from 14 countries. CMSI works with a volunteer Board of Directors to conduct their monthly Board meetings, manage their membership drives and database, produce their annual Trade Show and conduct other Association business from our offices utilizing an array of communication tools.


Membership... keeping in touch!

It is common knowledge that aggressive communication is vital to maintaining interest in any organization. A volunteer Board of Directors has little time for communication and promotion if they are proactively working to enhance the goals and objectives of the organization. Cameo Management Solutions, Inc. can ensure the reliability of your membership database, maintain important communications, process applications, promote enticement programs, collect dues and implement recruiting strategies. Your volunteers will have the time necessary to perform the important tasks that will advance your organization!




Membership Services

  • Membership Retention
  • Database Management
  • Newsletter
  • Directory
  • Web Site
  • Broadcast Email
  • Broadcast Fax
  • Communications
  • Brochure Design
  • Recruitment Mailings